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About the PTA


The Parent Teach Association (PTA) of Carillon is a voluntary service organization managed by parents that works in support of the school.  The goals of the PTA are too:


  • Act as a vehicle for the exchange of ideas and information between parents, teachers and school administration

  • Provide services thet support education

  • Promote school spirit and offer fun activities for the students and the school community at large

  • Provide funding by holding fundraising events for special class activities, purchasing materials and supporting school projects



The primary goal of the PTA is to develop a partnership between Parents, Teachers and Staff.  The PTA is made up of volunteer parents and other family members who are involved in a Carillon Elementary child's life.  Members of the PTA can support activities without becoming officers or attending meetings on a full-time basis.


The PTA is led by an elected Executive Board the includes: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Fundraising Chair.  Members of the board are elected at the last PTA meeting of each academic year.  Executive Board meetings are held once a month and are open to all members.

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